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Comberbach History


--Place-Name Meanings--


Most English place-names are usually composed to two elements. The first usually qualifies the second.

Place-names can be categorised into three main groups:

  1. Folk-names;
  2. Habitative;
  3. Topographical

(s: Dictionary of English Place-Names, A.D. Mills)

Comberbach - Cheshire

COMBERBACH, a township in that part of the parish of Great Budworth which is in the hundred of Bucklow, county palatine of Chester, 3 miles (N. by W.) from Northwich, containing 226 inhabitants.

(source: A Topographical Dictionary of England by S. Lewis - 1st Ed.: 1831)

COMBERBACH township parish Great Budworth Ches[hire] pop 295 Wesl[yan] Meth[odist]

(source: A Genealogical Gazetteer of England by Frank Smith: 1831)

Comberbach in Early Cheshire Charters

Charter of John, constable of Chester

Charter of John, constable of Chester, granting to Adam Dutton his demesne toft with a virgate in Halton and the meadow of Clifton, which Adam had enclosed with a ditch, quit of all service except the render of one sparrowhawk a year to John or to his bailiff at Halton.          (1172-1181)

 Arley Charters (John Rylands Library, Manchester) I. 81.

Iohannes constabularies Cestrie omnibus hominibus suis, Francis et Anglicis, clericis et laicis, presentibus et futuris, salutem. Sciatis me dedisse et concessisse Ade de Duttun meum dominicum toftum cum virgulto in Haltona in Cestresiria et pratum de Cliftona, Mud scilicet circa quod predictus Adam unam fecit speluncam, in feodo et hereditate illi et heredibus suis ad tenendum de me et heredibus meis solutas et liberas et quietas ab omni servitio mihi et heredibus meis pertinenti, per unum sprevarium1 sor reddendo annuatim mihi vel meo baillio, qui fuerit in meo loco ad Halton in Cestresiria, in die martirii Petri et Pauli. His testibus: Nicholao clerico de Marnaham, lone de Daivilla, Stephano fratre comitis de Richemund, Roberto filio Rogeri, Willelmo Patricio, Rogero Burdun, Roberto de ...Ica2, Galfrido de Meringes, Willelmo de Camvilla, Waltero filio Gileberti, RaduIfo Coquo, Fulcone de Castello, Willelmo clerico de Cambrebech, Willelmo Legat.

SEAL: on cords, uncoloured wax, imperfect and badly worn. A griffin passant to sinister. Legend: defaced.


COUNTERSEAL: vesica-shaped, worn. A lion rampant to sinister. Legend: fragmentary and defaced.

1 sic orig. for spervarium.                                                                  2 Blurred in original.

Charter of Roger, Constable of Chester

Charter of Roger, Constable of Chester, confirming the gift of Henry, the priest of Tables, to Adam of Dutton of a fourth part of the vill of Tabley, to be held of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.     (1191-1194)









Arley, Charters (John Rylands Library, Manchester) I. 74.

 Notum sit omnibus tam presentibus quam futuris, quod ego Rogerus constabul­arius Cestrie concessi et hac presenti carta mea confirmavi Ade de Duttona donat­ionem, quam Henricus sacerdos de Thebeleia ei fecit de quarta parte eiusdem ville, que de feodo meo est, pro me et pro sponsa mea et pro anima patris mei et antecessorum meorum, scilicet quod predictus Adam predictam terram de sancta domo hospitalis tenebit, ille et heredes sui in feodo et hereditate, sicut carta predicti Henrici, quam prenomtnatus Adam de predicta terra de ipso habet, testatur. His testibus: Henrico priore de Nortona, Nicholao capellano, Ricardo capellano, Hugone de Duttona, Ricardo filio Gilbertt de Hestona, Radulfo filio Rogeri, lohanne Burdun, Willelmo de Thebeleia, Galfrido de Duttona, Willelmo de Karinton, Ricardo Sterki, Herebert de Waleton, Rogero venatore, Ricardo de Witeleia, Gilberto Britone, Willelmo de Comberbeche, et pluribus aliis.

SEAL: on tag, missing.

[Source: Facsimiles of Early Cheshire Charters by Geoffrey Barraclough 1957]

Comberbach - Historic Occurrences & Meaning

Cambrebech 1172-81 Facs, -bek 1178 Whall

Combrebeche 1190 ArlB (p), -bache 1357 BPR, Comberbach(e) c.1230 FRC 841 (p). 1257 CoLegh (p) et freq with variant spellings -bur-, batch

Conberbeche or Conbrebeche 1191-4 Facs 8 (transcription Facs p.17 reads Comberbeche)

Cumberbach c.1200 (1654) Sheaf, e13 Tab, -e 1304 Chamb et freq with variant spellings -bir-, -bur-, -bre-, -bage, -back

'Valley or stream of the Britons', v. Cumbre (gen. pl. Cumbra), bece1, bęce1, but DEPN observes that the first el. could be the OE [Old English] pers.n. Cumbra ('Welshman'). The village stands in a hollow beside a small brook running into Budworth Mere.

Abbreviations for above:

  1. ArlB: Forms from Arl ex. inf. Dr. Barnes and quoted in Barnes'. Arl = Warburton Deeds, property of Viscountess Ashbrook of Arley, in John Rylands Library Manchester.

  2. BPR: The Register of Edward the Black Prince (PRO), London 1930-3

  3. Chamb: R Stewart Brown, The Accounts of the Chamberlains and Other Officers of the County of Chester (LCRS 59), 1910.

  4. ChetOS: Publications of the Chetham Society of Lancashire and Cheshire Original Series

  5. CoLegh: MSS. of C L S Cornwall-Legh Esq. (Legh of High-Legh), preserved in John Rylands Library Manchester.

  6. DEPN: E Ekwall, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names, 4th ed., Oxford 1960

  7. Facs: G. Barraclough, Facimilies of Early Cheshire Charters, Oxford for LCRS 1957 [Publications of the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire]

  8. JRC: Charters etc., preserved in the John Rylands Library Manchester.

  9. OE: Old English

  10. pers.n.: Personal-name

  11. Sheaf: The Cheshire Sheaf; Sheaf1 indicates the First Series (1878-85); Sheaf2 the New Series (1895, I vol); Sheaf3 the Third Series (1903 and in progress); published at Chester at the office of The Cheshire Observer and formerly at the office of The Cheshire Courant; referred to by Series, volume and page, e.g. Sheaf3 6, 20 or by Series, volume and entry number, e.g. Sheaf3 6 (1290).

  12. Whall: The Coucher Book of Whalley Abbey, ed. W.A. Hulton (ChetOS 10,11,16,20) 1847-9; a fourteenth century MS. [manuscript]; the ed. [edition] contains an inventory of the Lands...of Whalley Abbey at is Dissolution, dated 1553-4 (ChetOS 20).

(source: The Place Names of Cheshire Part II p.111 by J McN Dodgson, English Place Name Society XLV 1967-8, Cambridge University Press: 1970)

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--Folk-Name Places--

These are the smallest in number. They were originally the names of the inhabitants of a place or district.

Examples: Essex, Sussex, Hastings.


--Habitative Place-Names--

These are much larger in number. They denote places that were already occupied such as a farm (tūn or ton), cottage (cot), dwelling 'wķc).

Examples: Oprington, Didcot, Hastings, Northwich.


--Topographical Place-Names--

This is the largest and most diverse in number. They denote some topographical or physical feature of the surrounding landscape. Names of rivers, streams, springs, lakes fords, roads, valleys, woods etc became incorporated in place names.

Examples: Oxford, Goodwood, Bexley, Comberbach.

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