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Of the Family of Nantwich
Comberbach of Nantwich
Probable Connexion
Comberbach of Haughton
Cumberbatch of Barbadoes


* Married _ Johnson. Was legatee of £50 under will of her great uncle, Roger Comberbach.

Samuel Hussey and Sarah Clowes, married, 28th February, 1687.

Was this Sir Thomas Manwaring, Bart., Sheriff of Chester, 1657? See Ormerod’s History of Cheshire, Vol. I. page 373

 ‡‡ 1653. Isaac Hide and Margaret Sallmon married. Nantwich Par. Reg.

†† See Raine’s Not. Cest. For account of this ecclesiastic.



















* See also:

 John Comberbach's Diary

 † His son Roger filled this office 1712-56. Ormerod Vol. I., p. 188







* Notes and Queries, 3rd Series, January, 1864.




















Addenda. Dorothy Comberbach, of Chester, widow, in her will dated 18 May, 1784, and proved 8 June, 1786, mentions her sister Lee, nephew Sir Richard Perryn, knight, neice Mrs. Wilbraham, great-nephew Roger Comberbach, and other persons.








17th Century Signatures?

Signatures of John & Jane COMBERBACH

The above image contains the signatures of a John Comberbach of Barker Street, Nantwich, Cheshire, England and also of a Jane Comberbach.

These signatures may well be from the 17th century.

Images of this book were very kindly supplied and are presented with the kind permission of R.F.G. Hollett & Son - General Antiquarian Bookseller.



Comberbatch of Nantwich


Click the thumbnail images above for a larger view of the Pedigree of Comberbach of Nantwich.

Little more than is recorded in the tabular pedigree remains to be told of the Comberbachs of Nantwich. Their wills at Chester, a few marriage licence bonds, and the parish registers of Nantwich, supply most of the information therein contained. The will of Roger Comberbach will be seen at p 42. It is the earliest will of any person of this name in the Probate Office at Chester.   He was by trade a tanner, a business which was continued by his descendants as long as they resided at Nantwich. He had issue, Thomas, Roger, John, and a daughter Margaret. Thomas had ten children; here I shall only mention his two daughters, Margaret and Mary. Margaret married Edward Wettenhall, and had issue a daughter, Mary *, baptised at Nantwich, May 1st 1655 ; she married secondly at Nantwich, on the 9th September, 1668, Henry Ridley, of Weston, near Wybunbury, and was buried 12th January, 1718 ; they had issue:- 

HENRY, baptized July 15th, 1669.

MARGARET, (Margaret, daughter of Henry  Ridley, attorney, buried 1723,)


 Mary, daughter of Thomas Comberbach, married William Clowes, and had, William, baptised 27th Aug., 1657 ; Sarah, and Jacob. These as well as the three children of Henry Ridley, were legatees of £20 a-piece, under the will of Roger Comberbach, the testator of 1678.

  This Roger, son of Roger, apparently died issueless: and I take him to be the Roger Comberbach who disclaimed a right to arms at the last Visitation at Chester, in 1603. In his will, besides the legacies already referred to, he left certain leaseholds to Richard Illidge, for the use of his sons ; £50 to Sir Thomas Manwaring †, one  of his executors; £10 a-piece to cousins Henry Ridley, Richard Illidge, and William Pratchett; £5 a-piece to the following persons, John Sallmon, son to Thomas Sallmon, who dwelt in Hackney, and Thomas Sallmon, who was heir to Welldeth, John Comberbach, and his sister, both children of John Comberbach, who dwelt    in Bu___llJohn Sallmon, “dwelling at the Morray,” William Sallmon “dwelling in Ireland,” Roger, son of Ralph Sallmon, Thomas “son of uncle Rowland Salmon,” son and two daughters of George SallmonMargaret Hide‡, widow, her son Samuel Sallmon, and Sarah Masson, sister-in-law and cousin Hugh Nodden, both living in London, cousin Ralph Nodden, living in Nantwich ; also £5 a-piece to the children of Randolph Davenport, and Richard Davenport ; forty shillings to parson Stringer††, if he made his (testator’s) funeral sermon; twenty shillings to clerk Hussie; and other legacies to the poor. His personal estate was appraised at £6182 8s. 4d.

John, the third son of Roger Comberbach the elder, had issue James, John, and Elizabeth, of whom presently. His sister Margaret married Richard Price, and had:-


WILLIAM, who had three children.

THOMAS, had a son Richard.

MARGERY, married William Pratchett.

All except Richard Price legatecs under the will R. C., the testator of 1678.

James Comberbach, according to Harl. M.S., 2153, married Jane, daughter to Randle Shenton. There is a marriage licence bond at Chester for the marriage at Nantwich of James Comberbach, of Nantwich, tanner, and Ellen Johnson, of the city of Chester, widow. Ellinor, widow of James Comberbach, was buried at Acton, and the burial registered at Nantwich, on the 18th of September, 1696.

Elizabeth Comberbach married Thomas Tench; he was buried at Nantwich, 18th January, 1712; they had issue :- 

JOHN, of London.

ELIZABETH.  (Elizabeth Tench and Henry Werden, married at Nantwich, 30th May, 1675. Nantwieli Par. Reg.)

JANE, baptized August 6th, 1671.

..., (Amy, daughter of Thomas Tench, baptized 10th July, 1672. Nantwich Parish Register.)

 The above James Comberbach died in 1696, leaving issue three sons, Roger, John, and James, mayor of Chester, and five daughters. I shall only mention four of them, Roger, James, Jane, and Dorothy.*

Roger, the eldest son, was horn at Nantwich, and baptized there on the 20th of May, 1666. According to Randle Holmes Pedigree he was aged 22 in 1688.

In 1688 he became clerk of the courts of Pentice, Crownmote, and Portmote for the city of Chester †, and on the 19th of September, 1700, was appointed recorder.   Having selected the law as his profession, he was admitted at the Inner Temple May 3rd, 1686, and called to the Bar May 20th, 1694. In 1717 lie was made a Bencher. Mr. Ormerod (History of Cheshire, vol. 1., p. 188) says, “Roger Comberbach had been previously town clerk, and was subsequently one of the judges of Caernarvon, Anglesea, and Merioneth. He died January, 1719, and was succeeded in the recordership by his son-in-law, Thomas Mather.”

It is stated by Ormerod that he was author of several legal works ; this I am inclined to doubt; the only one I have been able to discover is –

 “The Report of several Causes argued and adjudged in the Court of King’s Bench at Westminster, from the First Year of King James the Second, to the Tenth Year of King William the Third. Collected by Roger Comberbach, Esq., late Recorder of Chester, and one of the Justices of North Wales. Published by his son, Roger Comberbach, of the Inner Temple, Esq. In the Savoy: printed by E. and R. Nutt and R. Gosling (assigns of E. Sayer, Esq.), for J. Waithoe. in the Middle Temple, adjoining the Cloysters, 1724.”

 This book, printed in black letter, in folio, is dedicated to Lord   Chancellor Macclesfield. “The author,” says the dedication, “Was one  whom your lordship was pleased to regard.” It is, I  believe, well known to lawyers; of its value I am unable to pronounce any opinion. Mr. Lowndes, in his Bibliographers’ Manual, calls it “a book of no authority.” He was, it is said, connected with Elizabeth Minshull, the third wife of John Milton, the poet, but in what way I have been unable to ascertain.*   He was much respected by the members of the corporation of Chester, who built a flight of steps in the wall of their city for his convenience. Hanshall says, “The land beneath the walls is called the GROVES, from a regular line of fine  trees  which  formerly ornamented the  river side from the bridge to Barrell Well, but most of them are now cut down, and the road itself is stopped up.   The steps which lead from tile wails to the Groves are called the Recorder’s steps, and were erected at the expense of the corporation about 1700, for tile convenience of Recorder Comberbach, who resided in Duke Street.” - History of Cheshire,  1817, p. 285, note. His portrait may still be seen in the Common hall of the city of Chester. He married Alice, daughter and co-heir of William Street, alderman of Chester, and, dying in 1720, left issue with others a son, Roger. This  Roger published his father's Reports, and was himself author of “The Contest, in which is exhibited a Preface in favour of Blank Verse, with an experiment of it in an Ode upon the British Country Life, by R. C.” It also contains an Epistle from Dr. Byrom to Mr. C. in defence of Rhyme, and an Eclogue by Mr. C. in reply to Dr. Byrom. It was published in London in 1755 or 1758, 4to. Roger Comberbach was admitted of the Inner Temple 11th Feb., 1709, and called to the Bar 27th Nov. 1721. He was made LL.B. of Lambeth, 6th February, 1749. See Gentleman’s Magazine for 1864, vol. i., p. 637.

James Comberbach was, in 1696, apprentice to John King, of London; in 1708 he was sheriff of Chester, and mayor in 1727. He was buried pursuant to a testamentary injunction in the chancel of St. John the Baptist's Church, in Chester.

Jane Comberbach married William Hawkins, who died in or before 1736; they had issue William, Edward and James.

Dorothy Comberbach married Richard Adams and had James Adams, clerk, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Jane, who was married by license at St. John the Baptist's Church, Chester, on the 9th of September, 1722, to Mr. Benjamin Perrin, of Flint. She died 19th January, 1781. He died 12th December, 1761. See Ormerod's Cheshire, vol. i., p. 257.  They had issue:-

RICHARD (Sir), one of the Barons of the Exchequer.  Knighted 1766. Died 2nd January, 1803, in his 81st year.†

JAMES, baptized 2nd August, 1724.

ALICIA, baptized 6th April, 1726.                   \

HENRY, baptized 23d July, 1727.                  |

MARY, baptized 8th September, 1728.            

BENJAMIN, baptized 11th Oct. 1731.            >    At St. John Baptist's Church, Chester.

ROGER, baptized 20th June, 1733.              |

DOROTHY, baptized 10th Dec. 1735.          |

JANE, baptized 16th March, 1735.               /



Signatures of John & Jane COMBERBACHRecent Discovery

A John Comberbach of Barker Street, Namptwich [Nantwich, Cheshire] owned a copy of Nicholas CAUSSIN's The Holy Court in Five Tomes. It was written in 1650. It was later owned by Jane Comberbach.

THE HOLY COURT IN FIVE TOMES: The first, treating of motives, which should excite men of qualitie to Christian perfection. The second, of the prelate, souldier, states-man, and ladie. The third, of maxims of Christianitie against prophanesse, divided into three parts, viz. divinitie, government of this life, & state of the other world. The [First English edition] printed by William Bentley, 1650. Folio. Near-contemporary speckled calf with raised bands and spine label, sometime nicely re-cased, rather rubbed, the corners restored. Pp. (xx), 522, (viii), (viii), 319, (i, blank), 13, (vii), complete with half-title (engraved crown and stamp to the verso), printed title in red and black, 6 further titles, with engraved head- and tail-pieces, historiated initials to each section, and numerous engraved portraits within the text. Some 10 leaves in the first section have several closed cuts to the text without loss, one leaf with the lower corner torn off affecting 3 lines of the table, otherwise an excellent clean and sound copy. [Wing STC: C1547]. Early ownership signatures of John [COMBERBACH], and later Jane, Comberbach of Barker Street, Nantwich, Cheshire.

Later armorial bookplate of Sir John Williams of Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales (1761- 1830), first baronet of Bodelwyddan. Under Sir John's ownership, Bodelwyddan Castle became a family home for the first time (he had eight children) and was extensively remodelled in the Greek revival style: "Sir Jno. Williams, since I had the pleasure of visiting him 7 years ago, has given a new front to his House, and totally altered the inside, by which he will gain a very handsome Parlour, drawing Room, and Library. The two great Rooms will occupy two projections in front, between which there is a Collonade, and over it a Balcony..." - Richard Fenton, in his Tour of Wales, 1808. Sir John's diary reveals numerous details of the alterations to both Castle and gardens at this time.

This book is offered for sale by: R.F.G. Hollett & Son order no. 42392. Images of this book were very kindly supplied and are presented with the kind permission of R.F.G. Hollett & Son - General Antiquarian Bookseller.

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