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Distribution of the Surname CUMBERBATCH

Measuring the distribution of the surname Cumberbatch primarily aims to highlight where in the world people with that name were living at any one time. There are numerous ways of achieving this, the simplest being a mere count of individuals.

However, simple counts can be deceptive so where possible densities are calculated. The equation used for densities can be found in Colin D. Rogers' "The Surname Detective" p. 21:

  No. of Cumberbatchs in Area  
Density for an Area   Σ Cumberbatchs  
  No. of People in Area  
Σ means total number of   Σ People in Country (all Areas)  


2001 Distribution of Cumberbatchs in UK

UK 2001; Capitals : England : London; Scotland : Edinburgh


Total population of England & Wales: 52,041,916

Number of Cumberbatchs : 1331, 1337 inc. Scotland

Frequency of the surname: 0.000026 or 0.0026%


These are densities of Cumberbatchs extracted from the 2001 Electoral Register and/or who have a telephone line.

Therefore, these exclude those unregistered or under 18yrs.

The colours represent where Cumberbatchs are more frequent than the national average based on local authority districts


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1881 Distribution of Cumberbatchs

Barbados 1881 : Capital Bridgetown, St. Michael


Total island population : 172,045

Number of Cumberbatchs : 862 (estimated)

Frequency of the surname : 0.005010324 or 0.5%


Barbados is divided into 11 parishes: St. Michael, Christ Church, St. Philip, St. George, St. John, St. James, St. Thomas, St. Joseph, St. Andrew, St. Peter and St. Lucy.


The island is 14 x 21 miles; 166 square miles or 431 sq. km.


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UK 1881; Capitals : England : London; Scotland : Edinburgh


Total island population : 29,893,724

Number of Cumberbatchs : 663

Frequency of the surname : 0.0022%


The UK is divided into 3 Countries: England & Northern Ireland; Scotland & Wales. England has 36 counties.


The UK covers 94,247 sq miles or 244,820 sq km.


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USA 1880; Capital : Washington D.C.



Total population : 50,156,000

Number of Cumberbatchs : 122

Frequency of the surname : 0.000242803% or very small!


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There may well be other Cumberbatchs in other countries, but at this stage I am yet to find them.

2001 UK 1880 USA 1881 Barbados 1881 UK

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Surname Distribution

The frequency of a surname indicates how popular a name is compared to the population of the nation.

The density of a surname aims to highlight how concentrated the surname is in any one location at that time compared to the national average. A density equal to '1' indicates an even distribution, i.e. equivalent to the national average.

A density greater than '1' indicates a higher, than normal, concentration of the surname. This could indicate the place of origin of the surname, or just a more fertile bunch of families. This is clearly evident in the following examples.


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