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Probable Connexion of Nantwich and Haughton Comberbachs

Roger Comberbach, of Nantwich, the first of that family mentioned in the pedigree, appointed in his will his brother Richard, overseer. A Richard Comberbach, whom I suppose to be the same person, was married at Nantwich, 20th June, 1647, to Dorothy Woodward. Dorothy Comberbach, widow, was buried at Acton, May 9, 1678. The baptisms of three children of Richard Comberbach appear in the Nantwich Registers, and I feel no doubt that he is the Richard above named :-

1.       ROGER, baptized 5th May,  1650. Buried at Acton, 21st December, 1679.  Roger son of Richard  Comberbach was a legatee of 50 under the will of Roger Comberbach, the testator of 1678.

2.       KATHERINE, baptized, 31st October, 1647. She married, 1st _ Dyos, by whom she had a son Richard, living 1682. 2nd John Bromley, to whom she was married at Bunbury, 6th September, 1655.  She is mentioned as well as her sister in the will of Roger Comberbach, the testator of 1678.

3.      MARGARET, baptized, 7th March. 1652.  Married _ Perrin.

Thomas Comberbach, the testator of 1682, left to Hester Comberbach, widow, 5, and to her daughters Elizabeth, Margaret, and Dorothy, 10 a-piece, to her son Robert, 20; a Robert Comberbach was also his residuary legatee.   This Hester may very probably have been the wife of Roger the son of Richard; and her son Robert may have been Robert of Crook Aldersey, the first of the Haughton branch.  This descent is rendered almost certain, by the absence of other persons of the same name then living in these places, as well as by the frequently acknowledged relationship between the descendants of both families.  At the same time, direct positive proof is wanting.

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