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World War 1 Memorial

Medals Awarded to Cumberbatchs

The 1914 Star The 1914-15 Star The British War Medal The Victory Medal

1914 Star

1914-15 Star

British War Medal

Victory Medal

The following documents are transcripts of the Medal Index Cards (MIC) located at the UK National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office). They detail the medals awarded to CUMBERBATCHs who fought in the 'Great War'.

The Medal Index Cards for the gentlemen below are my transcriptions of these records and I have tried to make these representations a close facsimile of the original cards as possible. Therefore, I have used .pdf files as they give better control over layout and presentation. You will need an ADOBE ACROBAT reader, which is freely available at www.adobe.com.

For more images, entitlement and history of the 1914 Star, 1914-1915 Star, British War and Victory medals, please The Imperial War Museum webpages entitled British Service Medals of the First World War.

Currently medal index cards detailed in .pdf files below complete for CUMBERBATCH surnames only. Other variant spellings are yet to be researched. Where there is no .pdf file then I have included the name, rank, regiment and serial number of the soldier. Officers' serial numbers were not specified.


Use the surnames above to navigate to the surname of interest to you - alternatively <Ctrl>f to search for a forename


  1. Alfred A Comberbach; Gunner; Royal Field Artillery (RFA) 78183

  2. Edward Sidney Comberbach; Private; King's Liverpool Regiment 3224. Later a Lance Corporal in the 3/1 Cheshire Bdc RFA

Medal card of Comberbach, Edward Sidney 
Corps Regiment No Rank 
10th Scottish King's Liverpool Regiment 3224 Lance Corporal 
3/1st Cheshire Regiment 3224 Bombardier 
Royal Garrison Artillery  Captain 
Date 1914-1920 
Catalogue reference WO 372/4  
Dept Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies 
Series War Office: Service Medal and Award Rolls Index, First World War 
  1. E[dward] S[idney] Comberbach; Lieutenant; 2/8th Battalion Hampshire Regiment

  2. George Comberbach; Gunner; Royal Field Artillery (RFA) 90671

  3. George Comberbach; Private; Royal Defence Corps 336 Prs Co. 35988 [entry filmed out of sequence follows 'John W']

  4. George E Comberbach; Private; Border Regiment 18244[entry filmed out of sequence follows 'George']

  5. Harold Comberbach; 3-Sergeant/Private; BSAP (British South Africa Police??) A-47

  6. Joseph Comberbach; Gunner; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) 17352

  7. John W Comberbach; Private; Scots Rifles 16819 & Royal Field Artillery (RFA) 92220


  1. Robert Comberback; Private; Liverpool Regiment 63260; Labour Corps 48098 & RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps?) 139604


  1. William Comberbatch; Private; 3rd Battalion South Lancashire Regiment 40018


  1. Frederick Comberpatch; Private; Middlesex Regiment 200077 & Labour Corps 388788


Here are the CUMBERBATCHs awarded the British War & Victory Medal Roll in the British West Indies Regiment: Col 112/B5 pages 163 &164

  1. Arthur Noel Cumberbatch

  2. Aubrey Cumberbatch
    His Service Record is available at WO/364/886 image 900

  3. Beresford Cumberbatch

  4. Cecil Cumberbatch

  5. Charles Cumberbatch

  6. Christopher Cumberbatch

  7. Cuthbert Cumberbatch

  8. Edward C Cumberbatch

  9. Edwin Cumberbatch
    The Service Record of an Edwin Walter Cumberbatch is available at WO/364/886 image 917

  10. Ephraim Cumberbatch
    Killed in Action, France, 12th October 1917
    A Summary of Ephraim Cumberbatch's Military Record from WO/363/C 1889 image 822

  11. Frank Cumberbatch      
    Killed in Action, France, 14th April 1917

  12. Frank Cumberbatch

  13. George Cumberbatch

  14. George Cumberbatch

  15. George Cumberbatch
    The Service Record of a George Cumberbatch is available at WO/363/C1889

  16. H D Cumberbatch

  17. Hubert Cumberbatch

  18. Hugh Carlton Cumberbatch

  19. James Cumberbatch

  20. James Cumberbatch

  21. John Cumberbatch

  22. Joseph Cumberbatch

  23. Joseph Cumberbatch

  24. Joseph Cumberbatch

  25. Joseph W Cumberbatch

  26. Lawrence Charles Cumberbatch

  27. Orlando Colin Cumberbatch
    Died, Home, 9th March 1918

  28. Percival Cumberbatch

  29. Philip Cumberbatch

  30. Robert Cecil Cumberbatch

  31. Rockley Cumberbatch
    Killed in Action, France, 25th September 1917

  32. Samuel Cumberbatch

  33. Sydney Cumberbatch

  34. Thomas Booth Cumberbatch
    His Service Record is available at WO/363/C1889 image 896
    The Service Record of a Thomas Cumberbatch is available at WO/364/886 image 928

  35. Walter Cumberbatch

  36. William Cumberbatch

  37. William Cumberbatch
    Died of wounds, France, 21st April 1917
    His Service Record is available at WO/363/1889 image 917

  38. William Cumberbatch
    The Service Record of a William Cumberbatch is available at WO/364/886 image 937


  1. Arthur Cumberbirch; Lance Corporal; 2nd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment 14411
    Died of wounds, France, 5th August 1915

  2. ArthurCumberbirch; Driver; Royal Fleet Auxiliary 115558

  3. Ernest Cumberbirch; Private; Royal Lancashire Regiment 2481 & Royal Welsh Fusiliers 42507

  4. Ernest Cumberbirch; Sergeant; 2 Lancashire Fusiliers 3526

  5. Frank Cumberbirch; Private; Royal Fusiliers FS 4726 & G3 73125

  6. Frederick Roland Cumberbirch; Private; Grenadier Guards Reserves 23673

  7. Hubert Cumberbirch; Gunner; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) 307546 & Labour Corps 472422

  8. James Cumberbirch; Gunner; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) 198951

  9. James Cumberbirch; Private; Army Service Corps AM2/168524

  10. John Cumberbirch; Private; South Lancashire Regiment 201816

  11. Joseph Cumberbirch; Private; North Lancashire Regiment 37673

  12. Thomas Cumberbirch; Private; Lancashire Fusiliers 2430

  13. Thomas Cumberbirch; Private; Army Service Corps 7366700

  14. Walter Cumberbirch; Private; Army Service Corps M2/080616


  1. Clement Cumberledge; Private; Royal Sussex Regiment 12577 & APC (Army Pay Corps?)12624

  2. Edward Cumberledge; Private; North Staffordshire Regiment 9021

  3. Edwin Arthur Cumberledge; Private; Hampshire Yeomanry 1753 & Hampshire Regiment 204732
    Killed in Action, France, 9th August 1918

  4. Frank Cumberledge; Corporal; Royal Engineers 221136

  5. James Cumberledge; Private; Welsh Guards (W Gds) 3154

  6. John Cumberledge; Private; Army Service Corps M2/119920

  7. Malcolm Cumberledge; Sergeant; 4th Reserve Battalion Royal Engineers 524598

  8. Norman L Cumberledge; Private; Royal Warwickshore Regiment 240879

  9. Thomas Cumberledge; Gunner; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) 154680

CUMBERLEGE (90% are Officers)

  1. Archibald Farrington Cumberlege; Major & Temporary Lieutenant Colonel; Royal Engineers

  2. Berry Stephenson Cumberlege; 2nd Lieutenant; & Temporary Captain Army Service Corps

  3. Cleland Bulstrode Cumberlege; Captain; & Major Bedfordshire Regiment

  4. Cecil Francis Cumberlege; Lieutenant; 1/ Dragoon Guards

  5. Duncan Spencer Cumberlege; Lieutenant; Royal Army Service Corps

  6. E C W Cumberlege; Lieutenant; Queens Regiment

  7. Francis C R Cumberlege; Private; Army Service Corps M2/032644 & Driver RFX (Royal Fleet Reserve?)

  8. Geoffrey Fenwick Joselyn Cumberlege; Lieutenant; 11th Battalion Royal Fusiliers & Captain Oxon & Buckingshire Light Infantry

  9. J H Cumberlege Captain; Supply & Transport Corps (S&T Corps IA)

  10. Reginald Mordaunt Cumberlege; Lieutenant & Captain; Royal Field Artillery


  1. Albert Cumberlidge; Sergeant; Gloucester Regiment 18670

  2. Alfred Cumberlidge; Private; 2nd Battalion Leicester Regiment 6322

  3. Arthur Cumberlidge; Private; Rochdale Fusiliers 46063

  4. Arthur Cumberlidge; Private; Border Regiment 260146

  5. Arthur Cumberlidge; Private; 1/5 North Staffordshire Regiment 2978
    Killed in Action, France, 13th October 1915

  6. Charles T Cumberlidge; Briver; Royal Fleet Auxiliary 79912 & 202742

  7. Douglas E Cumberlidge; Private; Nottinghamshire & Derby Regiment 97417

  8. Ernest Cumberlidge; Gunner; Royal Flying Corps 92334

  9. Ernest George Cumberlidge; Lieutenant; Royal Field Artillery (RFA)

  10. Frank Cumberlidge; Private; North Staffordshire Regiment 5261 & 201624

  11. Frederick Cumberlidge; Corporal; 1/7 Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1285

  12. Francis B Cumberlidge; Private; Royal Warwickshire Regiment 58377 & Worcestershire Regiment 592285

  13. George Cumberlidge; Private; Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 32273

  14. George Cumberlidge; Private; Manchester Regiment 203485 & Labour Corps 570416

  15. George Cumberlidge; Private; North Staffordshire Regiment 13669 & 242579

  16. George W Cumberlidge; Sapper; Royal Engineers 216638

  17. George W Cumberlidge; Sergeant; Rochdale Fusiliers 58956

  18. Harold Cumberlidge; Temporary Corporal; Dw ch? Light Infantry 82421

  19. Harry Cumberlidge; Private; Loyal North Lancashire Regiment  33997

  20. Henry Cumberlidge; Gunner; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) 93433

  21. Herbert Cumberlidge; Private; Liverpool Regiment 235377

  22. Herbert Cumberlidge; Private; North Staffordshire Regiment 13583

  23. Harry D Cumberlidge; Private; North Staffordshire Regiment 19412

  24. John B Cumberlidge; Gunner; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) 382991 & D? of Lancashire OY? 110545

  25. James Leonard Cumberlidge; Private; 4th East Lancashire Regiment 3239 & Machine Gun Corps 142891
    Killed in Action, France, 31st August 1918

  26. James P Cumberlidge; Private; Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2327 & Dorset Regiment 47089

  27. Percy Cumberlidge; Private; Machine Gun Corps 42747

  28. Richard Barton Cumberlidge; Gunner; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) 45797

  29. R G Cumberlidge; - ; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA SR) 119565

  30. T Cumberlidge; Private; 1st Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment 5869

  31. Thomas Cumberlidge; Private; 1/8 Lancashire Fusiliers 9471 & 240544

  32. Thomas Cumberlidge; Private; Nottinghamshire & Derbysire Regiment 1547
    V Killed in Action, France, 1st July 1916

  33. Thomas Cumberlidge; Private; Manchester Regiment 75272

  34. Thomas Cumberlidge; Private; Labour Corps 27725 & South Wales Border Regiment 68394

  35. William Thomas Cumberlidge; Private; 8th Battalion King's Own Royal Lancashire Regiment 17226 [No MIC found]                       
    V Killed in Action, France, 12th October 1917


  1. Alfred Ernest Cumberlin; Private; 1st Battalion King's Shropshire Light Infantry 10032 [No MIC found]
    V Died, France, 16th April 1915


  1. Arthur E Cumberpatch; Private; Lincolnshire Regiment 52041& 15930

  2. Albert H Cumberpatch; Private; 18th London Regiment 601776

  3. Alfred P Cumberpatch; Private; Army Service Corps DMC/171134

  4. Charles Cumberpatch; Private; Northern Regiment 16452

  5. Ephraim Cumberbatch (sic) [MIC filmed in wrong sequence- between Charles Cumberpatch & Edwin A Cumberpatch]
    A Summary of Ephraim Cumberbatch's Military Record

  6. Edwin A Cumberpatch; Private; Bedford Regiment 47274

  7. Frederick Cumberpatch; Private; Leicester Regiment 45505

  8. George Cumberpatch; Private; Nottinghamshire & Derbysire Regiment 18101 & Corporal Royal Engineers WR/43011

  9. H Cumberpatch; Private; 6th Battalion Royal Lancashire Regiment 241590

  10. Harry Cumberpatch; Private; Northern Regiment 14576

  11. Henry J Cumberpatch; Private; Northern Regiment 16299

  12. John H Cumberpatch; Private; Lincolnshire Regiment 9821

  13. John H Cumberpatch; Private; Scots Rifles 10923

  14. Thomas Cumberpatch; Gunner; Royal Field Artillery 161115

  15. Urich Cumberpatch; Private; North Derbyshire Regiment 267527

  16. Uriah Cumberpatch; Private; North Staffordshire Regiment 24617

  17. William Cumberpatch; Private; Northern Regiment 3/10453

  18. William A Cumberpatch; Acting Corporal; RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps?) 65389

  19. William Alfred Cumberpatch; Private; Bedford Yeomanry 30985

  20. William George Cumberpatch; Acting Bombadier; 4681 & 2nd Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 832058

  21. William J Cumberpatch; Private; 5 London Regiment 424359

  22. William O Cumberpatch; Private; RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps?) 22438

  23. William T Cumberpatch; Gunner; Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) SR/9777 & 284777

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